Probate Research in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria

We specialize in finding heirs and proving their right to inherit property or goods left by a deceased relative abroad.

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Probate research

Whether you specialize in locating assets or you’re a probate attorney, we can assist you in the discovery process by searching for heirs and meticulously documenting their right to inheritance. We specialize in locating the family members of individuals with origins in the Czech Republic, Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia) and Austria. Our offices are centrally located in Hodonín, Czech Republic, which is near the boarder of both Slovakia & Austria.


Forensic genealogy

Although the countries we cover are quite small, there are hundreds of State-run archives supported by local governments, that we utilize in the course of our research. In addition to the archives, we routinely deal with a wide range of judicial, municipal, and miscellaneous other entities. We have over 10 years experience and the knowledge needed to undertake intensive research projects in public records, databases, and specialized genealogical resources to identify long-lost relatives.


Cooperation with estate attorneys

When the search is completed, we fully document the relationship of the decedent to each heir located. Final reports include all relevant documentation and a genealogical chart, as required for court presentation. Upon request we arrange affidavits, agreements, authorizations, and English translations in order that the potential heirs can be represented by your attorney in probate proceedings. All documentation is notarized with an Apostille.


All our services are billed at an economical hourly rate.


We are a loose cooperative of colleagues. Thanks to several years experience with personal genealogy and cooperation with Czech archives we can help you with individual documents or comprehensive probate research.
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    Šárka Kočaříková

    sarka (at)

    Genealogy private investigator
    born 1979, Czech Republic
    Languages: Czech, English, German

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    Martin Kočařík

    martin (at)

    Genealogist, translator 
    born 1975, Czech Republic
    Languages: Czech, English, German

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    Paul Ptacek

    paul (at)

    Genealogist, paleontologist
    born 1965, USA
    Languages: Czech, English, French

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    We are Hiring!


    Looking for historian with practice in reading of old handwritten scripts. Knowledge of German and English language. 


If you have any questions, want to know more details or price conditions of our service, please take a moment to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.