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Hundreds of thousands of Czech people left the country for economical, political, racial or other reasons during 19th and 20th century. USA, Canada, Australia or England were typical destinations, here these people began new life. That times it was usual for families to have as much as 8 children or even more. Although other siblings often followed example of the first courageous one, or gone together, almost always somebody from the family staid home. From the beginning family members stayed in touch over the ocean, but since new generations did not meet and Czechoslovakia was nearly half a century separated due to Nazi occupation and then Cold War, the contacts were usually lost.

We can locate these siblings who staid, no matter how many generations backwards and track all their children and grandchildren back to the presence. In many cases the heirs that we manage to identify are surprised as they did not have any knowledge of having relative abroad, from whom they could inherit, especially if they are not related but entitled for funds based on the will probated with the court. In most instances they agree and provide all necessary documents as needed to prove their identity and cooperate during court probate proceeding.