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If you are in need of expert probate research in order to disperse an unclaimed estate, look no further than Czech Probate Research. We are a loose cooperative of colleagues, with years of experience in genealogy, locating heirs, and verifying the relationships of the decedent's heirs. We work hand in hand to determine potential heirs and locate beneficiaries. Whether you are an heir or possible heir to an estate, probate attorney conducting an heir search, or a trust officer appointed by the courts, we have the tools and resources to assist you.

What we can do for you:

  • Probate research
  • Locate ancestors and document ancestry
  • Create family trees
  • Genealogical research
  • Locating heirs and heir searches
  • Estate research
  • Locate beneficiaries
  • Translation of documents from Czech and German into English

In order to effectively conduct probate research, our genealogists need to be able to retrieve records in whole Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have size, experience and ability to utilize sources, and conduct interviews in every country. Furthermore Czech Probate Research is able to access genealogy records in the U.S.A.

Our genealogists utilize the following sources in order to identify and locate missing and unknown heirs:

  • Census records
  • Vital records
  • Church records
  • Immigration records
  • Court records
  • Obituaries
  • Wills

We bill our clients on an hourly basis rather than on a contingency basis, which often results in a substantial savings for you in the long run. We believe that allowing our clients to set a budget on a case benefits all of the parties involved.